How Does My Credit Score Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?

If you’re looking to buy a new car, the lender will likely check your credit score. If it’s below a specific threshold, they may not approve you. In case you’re driving a car with low or average mileage, the lender may check your credit score as well. For questions and advice, contact Brent Young Agency LLC, and talk to the experienced team in Manchester, CT. 

What to Know About Credit Score 

Credit score is often the deciding factor between getting affordable car insurance or not, making it important to understand how it works. You can maintain a good score by keeping track of your bills and making timely payments. If you have a low or bad credit score, you could end up with a rate that is three to four times higher than someone with excellent credit. 

Your premiums are low if you’ve low scores. When you shop for car insurance, you’ll probably see a few different factors that affect your rate. What can affect your car insurance rate? There are several things you can do to improve your score, like staying current on bills and keeping a low balance on your credit card. Some of the factors include: 

  • Your age
  • Your credit score
  • Your car make and model
  • Where you live

With practically every provider and in most jurisdictions, a higher credit score lowers your vehicle insurance premiums, typically substantially. Almost every insurer will do a credit check on you. Getting a quotation, on the other hand, doesn’t impact your credit score. 

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While credit history doesn’t directly affect your car insurance rates, it does impact your insurance premium indirectly by impacting your rate profile. When deciding on the amount to charge, the insurer will consider your profile. Are you a resident of Manchester, CT and you need help? Call Brent Young Agency LLC.