Four things you might not know about auto insurance

If you are a motorist in Manchester, CT who is in need of insurance coverage, you need to do your research. Brent Young Agency LLC can help you to learn everything you need to know to find the right insurance coverage.

The following are four things you might not know about auto insurance:

You need to add collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy for damages to your own vehicle to be covered. 

Some people don’t realize that basic auto insurance doesn’t include coverage for the policyholder’s own car.

Basic auto insurance only includes liability coverage. If you want coverage for your own vehicle, you need to add collision and comprehensive coverage. 

There are numerous optional coverages offered on an auto insurance policy.

Liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage are not the only types of coverage available. You can also purchase uninsured motorist coverage, rental vehicle coverage, gap insurance, and roadside assistance. There are numerous other coverage types you need to consider when buying a policy. 

Policyholders can choose from a few deductible options when they buy a policy.

The deductible on your policy is the amount you’ll have to pay toward the expenses you face when you file a claim. Your insurance provider should give you some deductible options when you buy a policy. You’ll save on premium costs if you opt for a high deductible. 

Motorists could qualify for discounts on auto insurance.

There are plenty of opportunities out there to save money on auto insurance. You may be able to pay less on your premiums thanks to bundling your insurance policies with the same provider. You may also qualify for a good student discount or an auto-pay discount. 

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