What is hurricane preparedness insurance, and do I need it?

Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover certain natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes. As a result, homeowners who live in areas prone to flooding and other extreme natural disasters need coverage to prepare for and cover these extreme natural disasters. Hurricane preparedness insurance helps homeowners prepare for natural disasters and receive the coverage they need to prepare for the effects of these natural disasters. Our team at Brent Young Agency LLC is committed to helping Manchester, CT homeowners get coverage for natural disasters.

Hurricane Preparedness Insurance

Hurricane insurance doesn’t exist as a separate policy. Instead, additional coverage is added to your existing homeowner’s policy. For example, hurricanes are natural disasters known for high winds and flooding. Hurricane insurance would actually include flood coverage and wind damage coverage added to your homeowner’s policy, which would be referred to as hurricane insurance. Homeowners can also benefit from additions made to their homes to prepare for natural disasters. For example, adjustments can be made to a home to prepare for high winds as a way of preventing wind damage. Also, adjustments can be made to a home to prepare it for flooding as well. In essence, hurricane insurance isn’t an actual separate policy. Instead, it’s both wind and flood riders that can be attached to your current homeowner’s insurance policy. 

What is hurricane preparedness insurance, and do I need it?

Hurricane preparedness insurance is actually two separate policies/riders that can be attached to your current homeowner’s insurance policy. Any homeowner who lives in an area prone to flooding, as well as other extreme natural disasters, should invest in this kind of insurance. You can always reach out to a licensed insurance agent for more guidance.

If you have more questions about hurricane preparedness insurance, call us at Brent Young Agency LLC in Manchester, CT. We’d be happy to explore your situation and help you get the coverage you need. 

Securing Your Property: Tips for Hurricane-Proofing Your Home

Living in the greater Manchester, CT region, we all know the dangers of hurricane season. The threat of high winds, storm surges, and flooding can cause significant damage to our homes. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your property and reduce the risk of damage to your home. Brent Young Agency LLC has compiled a comprehensive guide to help you hurricane-proof your home before the next storm hits.

Hurricane-Proofing Your Home

1. Secure Your Windows and Doors

The first entry points for strong winds and debris during a hurricane are your windows and doors. Ensure they are properly sealed and have secure shutters or hurricane-resistant glass installed.

2. Trim Trees and Shrubs

Pay attention to trees and shrubs that are close to your home. Branches can quickly become dangerous projectiles in high winds. Regularly trimming back your trees and shrubs will reduce the risk of damage to your home and property.

3. Reinforce Roofing and Siding

Your roof and siding are the most vulnerable areas of your home during a hurricane. Ensure your roofing is in good condition and appropriately secured to the frame. Consider using hurricane straps for additional reinforcement.

4. Check Your Drainage

Flooding is a significant concern during a hurricane. Regularly check your gutters, downspouts, and French drains to ensure proper drainage. Make sure water is effectively moving away from your home’s foundation.

5. Create an Emergency Plan

Finally, create an emergency plan for your family.

By preparing your home for hurricanes, you can reduce the risk of damage and ensure your family’s safety. Contact Brent Young Agency LLC if you have any questions – we are proud to serve the Manchester, CT comunity.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Homeowners

Understanding your insurance policy and your options is one of the most important elements in the event of a disaster and is crucial as hurricane season approaches. Nevertheless, not all insurance plans will pay for hurricane-related losses. Brent Young Agency LLC in Manchester, CT is here to provide you with a general idea of what to search for in an insurance policy and how to safeguard your possessions so that you don’t incur losses. 

Hurricane Preparation Advice for Manchester Residents

Manchester, CT residents may feel anxious during hurricane seasons since a lot of damage occurs to their property. The insurance company provides extensive insurance policies for disaster-related property loss.

But the best way to keep your house safe is to take precautions. Homeowners can learn useful information for preparing for a storm from the given information such as how to reinforce their roof, how to trim their trees, and what to keep in a disaster supply pack. Natural catastrophes and extreme weather are explained in this segment. 

Hurricane Insurance Coverage Options: What to Consider

It’s crucial that you fully grasp the ins and outs of your insurance policy, as state regulations and available coverage options vary widely with the different insurance plans which have been laid out. With multiple storm insurance plans to choose from, the Brent Young Agency LLC is a great resource for Connecticut residents to ensure that they have been well covered. We will help you with what to look for and what to consider when selecting a policy from the many available types of coverage.

5 steps to take when preparing for a hurricane

You can’t control the weather. But it doesn’t hurt to have a plan.

Most natural disasters are unavoidable. Heavy rain, high winds, and flooding make hurricanes particularly problematic. While it’s impossible to slow down these storms, being prepared can help minimize the damage. But, most importantly, it can also keep you and your family secure.

That’s why we at Brent Young Agency LLC in Manchester, CT encourage our clients to have a hurricane preparation plan.

Here are five steps for keeping your homes and loved ones safe:

Set an excavation route

Start by knowing where you’ll go and how you’ll get there. Select a meeting place or designate a family member as the point of contact. Staying in communication is key.

Check the exterior

Before the storm, limit any outdoor items that might pose a threat. Trimming large trees or bringing furniture inside is a must. Glass is especially dangerous. Install shutters or impact-resistant glass. Plywood over all windows also provides last-minute protection.

Secure the interior

Store all important documents and valuables in a safety deposit box or safe. Unplug all electronics and appliances. Move as many of these as you can into an interior room or closet.

Power up

You might have to go off the grid for a few days. Fill up with gas, test generators, and charge all phones in the event you are without power.

Gather emergency supplies

Make a bag filled with the essentials. At a minimum, it should include bottled water, some non-perishable food, blankets, a change of clothes, flashlights, a radio, and extra batteries.

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